6 things every man wants from his woman but will never ask for

You have to read in between the lines

This does not mean that men are not needy. Being men, their ego does not allow them to freely express themselves especially to the woman they love.

It’s upon the woman to try and read in between the lines to know what his man really wants and meet those desires.

Here are some common things every man badly wants from their woman only that they will never say it.

1. Take care of yourself

When he says ‘take care babe’, he does not only mean that you should be careful with the kind of friends you hang out with. He means that you should eat healthy, avoid drinking too much, watch your weight and do your make up right so that it doesn’t hurt you when he suggests that you should cut down some pounds.

2. Text him first

Every guy likes it when you text him first although he will never complain that he is always the first one to text. He wishes that you could miss him and call him but not always waiting for him to contact you.

3. Desire him

Gone are the days when it felt like a taboo to desire a man. A man wishes that you could desire him sexually like he does. Don’t just wait until he initiates physical intimacy. Tell him how much you miss cuddling and how you can’t wait to make out with him.

4. Compliments

You complain that your man never notices your new hairstyle? But when was the last time you told him that you loved his haircut or how sexy he looked in his new shirt? No man will ever ask for your compliments even though they all are dying for them.

5. Respect and admiration

Men want your affection and love but they are not as important as respect. He would want you to respect him for who he is and whatever he does. When with his friends and family, the last thing he wants is for you to embarrass him. Show him how much you admire his hard work and efforts to make your relationship work.

6. Be proud of him

Although he may never say it, he likes it when you hold his hand as you walk and show him off to your friends. He also likes it when you talk so fondly of him to other people because it makes it clear that you are truly proud of him.


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