• Guy’s night only happens if she comes along for the entertainment

She acts like your mother when she doesn’t give you any privacy to have a social life. She feels that now that you’re with her, you can’t do anything with involving her. If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you invite her to the club together with your friends and have mad fun?

  • When you are out, you had better not look in any other direction but hers, no matter what!

It is a great sin to blink an eye at another woman in her presence. She might even slap you or yell at you in public when you even try to talk to another woman regardless of her social status.

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  • She is jealous of any other relationship you have in your life

You haven’t even said the ‘I Dos’ but she feels you are already a couple; kind of nuclear family without any interference from the extended family.

You don’t any right to show tender loving care to anyone without her permission. She gets jealous when you hang out with your siblings and colleagues at work during the weekends. She wants you to accompany her to the saloon or market to buy new clothes.

Overprotective girlfriends feel secure when they are with you; when you give them all your attention and care for them.

  • She texts you every hour and you better have your read

Communication is the key to every relationship but sometimes you feel like ending the relationship when you are bombarded with messages every minute at work.

Exchanging messages every minute at work can cause you to lose your job. Overprotective girlfriend freaks out when your status shows that you are online but you don’t reply her messages. She needs to feel connected to you every minute to calm her fears of losing you.

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  • She does drive-by’s at your work just to make sure that you are really there

She is a drama queen full of unpleasant surprises. You better be at your office when she drops by to give you cupcakes or take you to lunch. Regardless of how trustworthy you prove yourself to be

She isn’t above calling to make sure you are somewhere or even hopping in her car to chase you down.

  • She constantly searches through your phone, computer, and anything else personal you own

You can’t have anything private that she isn’t looking into.

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  • She monitors your finances

This is a good sign of a marriage material. She makes sure you stick to your budget, start your projects and save for emergencies. It goes overboard when she doesn’t allow to send your hard earned money to your parents when they need your help.