8 ways to make your girlfriend happy

Here are 8 simple ways to please your girlfriend

  • Listen to her

It is a cliché that men don’t listen to their women. In 2018, every man should listen attentively to his woman.  After work, ask her how she is whether everything's alright, and then sit there with open ears while she answers you. Sometimes, women just want to be heard, it shows that you care for her and her needs.

  • Buy her thoughtful gifts

Some guys have resorted to buying presents for their girlfriends on special occasions, that’s very thoughtful. But, it is time to go the extra mile and download apps where you can buy gifts and get it delivered to her.

Show how much you care for her and value the relationship with their gifts. Plan attention to her, sometimes, women gives clues as to the particular gifts they want for their birthdays or anniversaries.

  • Make an effort with her friends

It’s very important to have a cordial relationship with your partner’s friends. Gelling with them will make life easier for your girlfriend and all the teams involved.


Remember, if her friends don’t support the relationship, she is likely to break up with you. Try to avoid any petty grievances and grudges against them and enjoy your life.

  • Show an interest in her interests

Use your leisure time to learn your girlfriend's hobby or passion to boost her morale.

You don't necessarily have to take part yourself, just watch her achieve her goals and make some money from her hard work.


A caring boyfriend can find an expert in that field to advise her on how to develop her passion and debit her bank accounts.

  • Spend money on grooming

If you are dating a woman who likes to show off her man on social media or introduce him to friends and family, make sure you look very smart and dapper. Trim your beard, eyebrows, facial hair, tuck in and smile a lot. Always buy clothes that fit perfectly.

  • Do your share of the housework

Young couples who are cohabitating should share house chores to relive her of some chores. Guys should ask more often whether there's anything you could do to help around the house.

  • Plan a trip together

If your boyfriend is ‘married to his work’, plan a weekend getaway and make new memories together. Travelling together is fun and very economical as well.

Plan a low budget trip and save more money for your wedding. There are many beautiful places in the country where you can enjoy each other’s company.

  • Consider the level of commitment

If you want to make girlfriend happy, then rev up your level of commitment. Let her know how your value her and the relationship you have together. She must feel and know that she made the right choice by choosing you.

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