9 perfect tips to help you date your best friend

Going from friendship to relationship requires you to work on showing you care even more than a friend.

Make sure you both want it

First and foremost, the feeling must be mutual and both must be ready to move to the next phrase of your relationship. If it is a one-sided relationship, there is a probability that it will end even before it kickstart.

Always make sure you’re both on the page with support from family and friends.


Be aware of the risks

Being friends and having romantic relationship are two distinctive things. The transition can either ruin or strengthen your friendship if it ends.

If you go through a bad breakup, things can become a bit awkward if you are in the same social circle and hang out together. Analysis all the risk involved by jumping into bed with your best friend.

Always be yourself

Your best friend fell in love with you because of your personality, intelligence and other good traits. Although, you need to make some adjustments to build your new relationship, you don’t have to change to become more appealing or attractive towards your partner.


The transition from friends to lovers should never involve personal change on anyone’s part. Be yourself, as he already likes you for you.

Take things slowly

Don’t rush into the new relationship. Connect emotionally and physically to build strong towers around your relationship so that no third person can destroy your relationship.

Date, not hang out


Now that you are dating, it is time to put efforts in your look, go on date and make fond memories together. Stop hanging out and go for couple’s getaway at new place and fun together.

Celebrate every milestone in each other’s life and give your partner a shoulder to cry on when the need arises.

Surprise your partner regularly if you have the means and keep the love alive always. If you can afford expensive gifts too, there are small gestures that you can do to show your love everything.

Compliment him or her

Show appreciation to your partner for the little things they do for you. Compliments are simple ways of telling people you are grateful for their gift, care and thought and indirectly ask them for more.


Don’t be afraid of PDA

Public display of affection is inevitable, a reflex action that shows the love you have for each other.

In the beginning, holding hands in public or kissing each other may be a little awkward for the two of you since it’s entirely new from just being friends.

Keep some info to yourself

Friendship goals; never keep secrets from each other whether it is personal, family or work-related issues. Now that you’re romantically involved, it is important you don’t tell them everything.


Re-adjust and remember who you’re talking to. There are some things your shouldn't discuss with your partner.

Tell your friends

Inform your circle of friends about new status when the time is right. However, don’t take too long because someone might have interest in your partner. They don’t have the final say in your decisions but it feels great to know you have people solidly supporting your moves.


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