If you notice these 3 behaviours, divorce might be on its way

If you have been through divorce before you can relate

Divorce used to be such a dreadful word in the past. But it is no longer in modern times. Maybe it's because clearly the world has become global so information on marriages and divorce travel and spread quickly,

Well American psychologist John Gottman has been examining relationships for four decades and has identified 3 key behaviors which can lead to divorce if not checked.

These things may seem trivial but people who have been through divorce can relate.



Ever head of the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt”?

One of the spouses will begin to disregard the other’s feelings in public. Downplay any contribution you make to any discussion in public and basically make you look stupid.

How to fix it: Anytime you feel the urge to disgrace your partner in public or privately put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were put in the position. Next step is reminding yourself of how you fell in love with this person you are about.

Avoiding Conflict


How many of you have been told to walk away from an argument? It is not such a bad advice particularly when it gets so hot to the point of wanting to say something extremely hurting or hit your partner.  The other side of this advice is that you are likely to ignore not just the issue under discussion your partner and this could lead to more serious issues.

How to fix it:  Try to always come back to the issue and resolve it in a civilized manner. Do not run! If you don’t deal with it will rear its head in a future in a bigger form.

Defensive Behavior.

Enough of the justification and defensive behaviors. Aggressively defending yourself when criticized will end up hurting your marriage.


How to fix it: When you do something wrong, admit it and apologize in good time.

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