Married men share first thoughts as their brides walk down the aisle

The majority of respondents focused on how beautiful their brides looked, with many using the words like 'lucky', 'happy' and 'emotional'.

Watching a bride walk up the aisle can turn even the hardest groom into mush and, as a new Reddit thread proves, it can also spur on some of the most heartwarming, unexpected - and downright strange - thoughts.

Husbands from around the web are revealing their first thoughts upon seeing their bride on their wedding day in a new Reddit thread, with the majority of participants agreeing that their first thought was some kind of variation on: 'Don't pass out!'

The conversation was started when a poster asked the online community: ''Married men of Reddit, what were you honestly thinking when your wife was walking down the aisle towards you during your wedding?''

The triply-uttered: ''Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry!' was used quite a few times in the men's stories as they remembered desperately trying to maintain their composure in front of their soon-to-be wife".


kept saying to myself: "don't cry, don't cry, don't cry" right before my wife started walking down the Isle, [sic]' wrote one happy husband. 'As soon as I saw her I had to look at my groomsmen to avoid being an emotional mess, which made it worse because I made eye contact with my brother who has been my best friend my entire life and my eyes watered up. Went back to looking at my wife but I couldn't see how good she looked because of my tears. Thank God for pictures!'

''My mind was racing between, "I hope she doesn't trip," and "Why isn't she crying as much as me?"remembered one former groom.

Many of the men posting in the thread openly shared their tales of losing their cool on the big day, with one even admitting that the officiant 'had us take a break before she started the ceremony because I couldn't get my s*** together. It definitely was the dress'.

One man certainly would have been getting a dirty stare from the guests had they known he was thinking: 'Those prosciutto wrapped asparagus appetizers are going to be so  good,' as his bride walked up the aisle.

Some admitted that their dressed-up lady loves were hardly recognizable after undergoing the entire bridal treatment - and it wasn't always a positive change.


'She's not the dress up type most of the time, but that day she pulled it off so well I had to do a double take to make sure it was her,' wrote one man.

'So much fake tan...' remembered another. 'My now-ex-wife is naturally pale but had some horrendous fake tan applies. I married an umpa-lumpa.'

But the most heart-wrenching comment came from the grooms who were standing by their wives in the toughest of times. One man remembered how his wife suffered a miscarriage just 72 hours before their ceremony. She had to have surgery soon after.

''On the morning of our wedding, she spent three hours in the ER dealing with post-surgery complications, but she rallied and we got married as scheduled,'' he wrote.

''As she walked down the aisle, none of our guests knew about her ordeal except for our family and best friends. We all teared up, knowing what she was going through. We got married on the beach in Cape Cod, so it was a long walk across the sand. What a strong, beautiful, and amazing woman".


Another man described how his third and most recent wife was battling cancer when they were married and had to be 'pushed down the aisle in a wheelchair'.

He wrote: ''I was thinking "I wish this day could last forever." She passed away 17 days later".

But while the majority of stories were happy and heartwarming tales of love, some since-divorced men also chimed in with sad stories of instant regret on their big days.

One man recalls thinking: 'I am making the worst mistake of my life,' as he watched his bride-to-be approaching.

'Divorced two and a half years later,' he added. 'Don't get married young. Period.'


'"This is a mistake... This is a mistake..."' echoed the words of another commenter. 'We separated in June and are in the initial steps of divorce.'

Even more horrific was one man's experience with marrying a foreign national, and having doubts of legitimacy sadly come to be true.

''I was thinking: "Please let this be legit, I hope she does not bail when she gets her green card". She bailed. I am currently putting in an anullment and have her arrested for immigration fraud".

Source: Daily Mail


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