Does your sex life determine how better you perform at work?

“My hormones are rejuvenated and I feel new after sex. This means more creative ideas at work,” one of the interviewees said.

Does your sex life determine how better you perform at work?

Sex and productivity, what is the correlation?

Some people feel so embarrassed and disappointed when they are asked about their sex life. It is a topic that inspires a lot of self-consciousness yet it is a taboo to talk about publicly, for some.

However, we believe people with good sex life can be effective at work considering the health benefits of sex. Specifically, not just any sex but one where orgasms are guaranteed through daring and creative sex positions.

Good sex can take away stress and anxiety; increase mood and its excitement lingers for up to 24 hours.

Legend has it that good sex can make a couple happier than money. Yup! The feeling and hormones released after sex can’t equate to any wealth.

When was the last time you had sex?

In a survey conducted by, 29 people between the ages of 25 and 35 were interviewed.

Some females had to consult their calendars to recall their last time. However, they were happy to talk about their sex life.

The males were a bit reluctant to disclose such ‘sensitive’ information. Probably because they didn’t want the main chicks doing the calculation after hearing the last time they had it:). Side chick problems, right?

The data gathered showed the last time one of the 29 people interviewed had sex was in the year 2015. Six people had to go back to 2016 for their last sexual intercourse. Four workers recalled April 2017 as their last time at work. Yeah, the sex work.

Seven married and unmarried staff members are very active that they are already doing it in the month of May 2017.

The majority of the people who had active sex life confirmed that they get better sleep after a good sex which prepares them for the next day’s activities.

Since lack of sleep could relate poor focus at work, good sleep could enhance productivity.

A virgin among the group of interviewees said, and quite sadly:

“Sex, I hear - because I am yet to harvest its delights - is a great exercise for the body. This is according to science so you really can’t argue with it. Exercise equals healthy body equals good productivity.”

Most people try to separate sex and work, but the two very often overlap.

This was confirmed by one of the interviewees who hasn’t had sex in the year 2017 yet.

“Yes, I perform better the next day at work because I feel refreshed.”

But this is not always the case. Another member of the people interviewed confirmed that despite not having sex for quite some time now, work productivity and progress has not been hindered.

“Yeah, sex is good and lovely. But I don’t think it’s directly proportional to how good you perform at work. You can be motivated to do your work by other means other than sex. But yeah, sex is good.”

So the big question is, does your sex life determine how better you perform at work?


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