Sex on a first date? Here's why it is not a bad idea at all

Why deny yourself the pleasure all in the name of a "first date"?


Everyone has their own ideas about how a first date should end.

There are people who think that you should wait to sleep with someone new until it’s been longer than a few hours that you’ve known them, but really, having sex on the first date isn't a bad thing at all.

If a date ends with sex, you shouldn't condemn yourself. Here is why:

  • It’s good for your health

Having sex is good for you. Please feel no shame about having sex on a first date and satisfying your needs. As long as you’re safe about it, there’s absolutely no harm.

No matter how it works out in the long run, if it’s what you want to do (which, frankly, is the only part of this that ultimately matters), having sex with someone right away is definitely a good idea.

  • There’s no “game”

Once you sleep with someone, you’ve surpassed that weird first-date zone. You’ve bonded, so to speak, at least to the level that you’re comfortable seeing each other naked, which is nothing. From there, the subsequent texts and hang-out sessions are just easier. After you’ve gotten down and dirty together, there’s less of a sense that you have to beat about the bush if you want to move to the next stage of the relationship.

  • You get to know someone

First dates can be awkward. When you finally leave the bar and start to get physical, you can finally relax.

Obviously, you’re both letting your guard down, so you get a glimpse into what the person is like all the time, and not just their weird, first-date self.


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