Almost all men think they will rock your world if only you give them the chance. If you are looking to have a toe-curling, orgasm -inducing time, it is not possible to give them a chance to know if they are capable.

Simply look out for these 3 things below.

Too much talk: Most guys will blab your ears off about how much of a sex stud they are.  They give you examples of 'satisfied customers', and are usually the first to send you dick pics. But sometimes, these men are trying to convince themselves as much as they are trying to convince you. Only an insecure person who go on bragging about it. And you should know, an insecure person is usually insecure in bed.

He will be so worried about what you think of him that he won't completely let go and drive you crazy. That does not sound good, does it? So, beware of the talkers because a man who will rock your world will focus more on seducing you and wooing you, rather than overhyping himself.

Another thing about the talkers, if you choose to believe their every word ('I can go all night', 'I give the best head,' etc) you will find that they have raised such an extreme expectations for themselves that there is no way in the world the real experience will meet them. This will leave you disappointed at the end of the day either way.

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Bad dancer: If you guys hang out together and you are still unsure, take him somewhere you will be able to see his moves. You could a club or party, just make sure he gets to move his body. He does not have to be the best dancer, but if his moves are controlled and smooth, then you are golden.

If he seems awkward, fidgety, fumbling, all over the place, well.. let's just say you wouldn't want that fumbling his way around your vagina.

Terrible seduction moves: A man who knows how to talk to a lady must have quite a lot of notches in his bedpost. A guy who has that much experience has to have picked a few tricks and tips along the way. So, maybe you are not sure how many ladies he has been with, but you should know if his seduction moves are on point. He should be able to move you with his words. He should know the right things to say to get your attention.

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He should kiss you and make you swoon. He should be confident when he is talking to you, without being arrogant. A guy who has got the moves is very likely to treat you to a mouth-watering, unforgettable experience.