The Queen of England and her husband's fruit wedding cake has been sold to the highest bidder in an auction nearly 68 years after the couple tied the knot.

The cake - a slice still wrapped in its original baking parchment, was kept in its original box- an ivory-coloured pack decorated with a silver E and P, and the words "Buckingham Palace 20th November 1947", by an unnamed woman from Hove, in East Sussex.

Her father had been a guest at the royal wedding on November 20, 1947.

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The historic cake was auctioned at Gorringes inLewe and bought by an unnamed bidder from Los Angelesfor £500 (over N150,000).

It is said to be edible after 68 years due to its high alcohol content.

A small card also attached to the cake was inscribed with the words "With the best wishes of their Royal Highnesses Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh".

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's four-tiered, 9ft (2.7m) cake was nicknamed "the 10,000-mile wedding cake" after its ingredients were flown to the UK from South Africa and Australia.