Top 10 pre-sex rituals you should be doing before sex

What are some of the things that you do before getting down with your significant other? These little quirks that make sex tick are what we call the pre-sex ritual. 

Pre-sex ritual

Sex is an amazing personal experience which we share with the people we love. And we all want it to turn out great but how do we achieve the ultimate sexual pleasure without any regrets? Most people say they engage in pre-sex rituals to get the engine up and running smooth. 

Take a look at a few of the interesting things people do before having sex. 

Sex is not totally spontaneous, there are always cues whether consciously or unconsciously which precedes the task. Turn on your flirt game or at least make out at least, and then usually a bit of oral foreplay. If it's a special occasion, you may want to bust out the massage oil.


So you don’t have the urge to go mid-coitus. For most enjoying themselves is almost impossible if there's even a little in the chamber. Plus trying to pee mid-cum can be a hellish experience. 

This will make you pee after sex. Peeing after sex helps to prevent UTI’s by clearing your urinary tract. UTI’s are not STI’s and you could get infected on your own. 


Accidentally scratching her can bring the whole show to an end. It could also be dangerous when it occurs inside her vagina whilst fingering her. And open up a whole can of infections and pain. 

This is an ancient recipe for great sex especially if you have nosey neighbours. Put on your favourite playlist (I have one labelled sex) and blast away. P.S. this is to cover the noise.


Whether it’s your real hair or a wig make sure you secure it properly. Or just take it off if it’s a wig. It’s the big game and you certainly don’t want any distractions. 

Put your arms on your jugular to keep them warm. Groping her with cold fingers can send a shock and subsequently a turnoff. 


The vulva is the external female genitalia. Cleaning the outside of your vulva and between your labia. Make sure you taste good. You may also clean between your toes, behind your ears and butt hole just to be sure. 

A lot of people get tensed up right before sex especially when it’s the first time with a new partner. Ease tension with a light backrub to set the mood. 


You don’t need an audience. I repeat you do not want an audience around when he’s plunging into you, especially when that audience happens to be your kids. Make sure the kids are asleep or take them away for sleepovers. As for the pets, you can lock them in the guest room. 


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