Bride in coma after groomsmen threw her and failed to catch her

Quite unexpectedly, the group of excited men failed to catch the bride when she fell. She landed on the ground headfirst and was knocked into a coma.


A happy wedding turned out to be an unexpected tragedy for a Chinese family after the young bride was left unconscious by a prank that went wrong.

The bride was tossed into the air by a group of groomsmen who then failed to catch her in Zaozhuang, China's Shandong Province, on October 18, reports the People's Daily Online.

Family members halted the ceremony and sent the injured bride to the hospital after she smashed her head on the ground.

The accident happened when the bride arrived at the hotel to meet the groom for the wedding banquet.

Several groomsmen were sent to welcome her at the front gate.

Wedding shenanigans are usually expected at this point according to Chinese traditions. So the groomsmen picked up the bride and threw her into the air, pretending to scare her.

Her panic-stricken family members immediately called the police for help.

Zhong Shifeng, a policeman sent to the scene, told the TV station: 'We immediately alerted all the traffic police on the route to set up a fast track so that the bride could be sent to the hospital in the shortest time possible.'

The bride was transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital in seven minutes.

According to a family member, the bride suffered from slight concussion.

She was treated in the hospital for a few days and is now in a stable condition.

Source: Daily Mail


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