6 ways to avoid a breakup before Valentine's Day

The season of love is upon us, and as Valentine's Day draws near, the pressure to keep your relationship afloat can feel like a ticking time bomb.

Ways to avoid a breakup before Vals Day .Getty Image; Insider

But fear not! With a few strategic moves and a sprinkle of understanding, you can navigate through potential relationship pitfalls and ensure you and your boo are solid come February 14th.

Let's dive into some tried-and-true tactics to avoid the dreaded pre-Valentine's breakup.

Be a little clingy

Now, we're not suggesting you become a 24/7 shadow, but showing a bit more attachment can signal to your partner that they're your top priority.


A little extra text here, a surprise call there—these small gestures remind them of your affection and commitment. Just remember, balance is key; you want to show you care without overwhelming them.

Embrace submissiveness

Sometimes, taking a step back and letting your partner take the lead can be a game-changer in a relationship.

It doesn't mean losing your voice but rather picking your battles and showing support for your partner's decisions. This act of submissiveness can strengthen your bond, showing your partner that you trust and respect them.

Say "I'm Sorry"


Admitting when you're wrong and offering a sincere apology can diffuse potential conflicts and show maturity.

It's not about who wins the argument but how you both can move forward positively. An honest apology can go a long way in maintaining the peace and harmony in your relationship.

Be more care and understanding

Understanding and empathy are the bedrocks of any strong relationship. Listen actively to your partner's concerns, validate their feelings, and show that you're there for them.

This level of care fosters a deep emotional connection, making it easier to navigate through rough patches together.


Avoid unnecessary arguments

Not every disagreement needs to escalate into a full-blown argument. Learning to let the small things slide and choosing your battles wisely can prevent unnecessary stress on your relationship. Focus on what truly matters and strive for a peaceful resolution.

Gift giving

Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful gift. It doesn't have to be extravagant; it's the thought that counts. A well-chosen present can remind your partner of your love and appreciation, reinforcing your bond just in time for Valentine's Day.

Incorporating these strategies can not only help you avoid a breakup before Valentine's Day but also enrich your relationship.


It's the little things that count, and a bit of effort can go a long way in keeping the love alive. So, go ahead, show some extra love and care, and make this Valentine's one to remember for all the right reasons.

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