What Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s romance stands for in the grand scheme of things

Tiwa and Wizkid being together may not just be about them only. Theirs could influence many others to break away from certain restrictive dating principles that society loves to uphold and we're here for it.

People see Wizkid and Tiwa Savage like this and lose their minds because it's not not 'right' They don't bother if it makes them happy [Credit - Wizkid/Youtube]

Over the weekend that ended on May 19, another video surfaced online of Tiwa Savage and Wizkid being all over each other. This time around, what we see is Wizkid slapping Tiwa’s backside playfully and buggering off just before she could retaliate.

There isn’t much in the video in itself to suggest anything we don’t already know. It’s been common knowledge for a bit that the pair is likely a couple. And although there hasn’t been any confirmation or denial from any of them, they have not particularly been doing anything to cease the rumours either. And we are actually here for that. Here for all of it.

Wizkid and Tiwa savage as a couple represents a real power merge of two bright, musical minds. They are both symbolic of how greatly Nigeria’s music industry has grown, and being together sounds like good news for their respective music careers and for the fans who love their music. Just check out the songs they’ve both worked on in this time for context.

But while there is a lot of music-related hot takes to pick from what they [seem] to have going on between them, it is the relational aspects of it that this piece is more concerned about.

The 29-year-old’s relationship with the 39-year-old mother of one, and what it stands for, is what means more to us, and deserves spotlighting in this piece.

Our dating culture is one that is, sadly, still too close-minded to anything that is not traditional and conventional. So, expectedly, there was [and there still is] revulsion, confusion and disgust in the hearts of many people as to why a woman would be dating a ‘kid’ 10 years younger than her, notwithstanding that even at 10 years younger than Tiwa Savage, Wizkid is still 29 whole years old. A whole grown ass man!

Add that the woman in question has a young child and is separated from her husband, and the consternation and judgment people hold in their hearts towards this relationship doubles. For some people, the separation and young kid actually worsens things 10-fold!

A lot can be said about the resistance, negative comments and damning predictions people have shared on what would become of the pair, but what’s both interesting and impressive is how both of them have been carrying on, seemingly unbothered by all of this.

Of course, they know the society they both belong to, and it’d be mad shocking if they happen to have never seen or heard some of the backward, ridiculous opinions people have of them being a couple.

Regardless of how society views their relationship and all that’s been said and heard of it, this latest clip of Tiwa and Wizkid provides yet another evidence of the no-f**ks-given approach they are taking to this whole thing. It’s like they’re saying to everyone who cares to watch and observe [and that’s a lot of people] that they’re always going to do what they want to do; what they feel happy and comfortable about, and it is not for anyone to decide for them whether that’s cool or not.

And that’s something that is great for us, a people who aren’t so big on people moving against the grain of long-standing eternally-upheld ways of life, bucking trends and convention to do what they want to.

In the grand of scheme of things, this is not just Tiwa Savage and Wizkid winning against restrictive dating rules set by society. It is also, in a way, further validation for single mothers and divorced women who really want to get out there to love and feel alive again. It is validation for men who are in love with women who are significantly older than they are, and are bothered about what people will say. [Peter of P-Square is another good example to look at on the subject].

Tiwa dating Wizkid is a lesson in living your best life, because, well, isn’t there just one we’ve got anyway? It also subtly reaffirms that you don’t have to delimit or repress yourself to please people who have no stake in your life, and those whose opinions don’t count but won’t stop proffering them anyway.

That the two superstars have continued their romance despite all the initial uproar and moral policing they got has now seen the reaction to them become one of acceptance and indifference. The lesson in that is simple; life continues. People will get used to you being the way you are. They’ll move on to something else. So why downplay your happiness or tone down your brightness because it makes people uncomfortable?

If you are not trying to date, sleep with or marry underage people, if your idea of sex is in line with consensual principles and all that, then go ahead and enjoy in love in all the healthy dimensions you deem fit and with anyone your heart pleases.

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