Ghanaian rapper, Okyeame Kwame and his lovely wife, Annica make marriage look beautiful and fun. And indeed, marrying the right person who understands, appreciates you, listens and care about you makes life worth living for.

That great feeling when you stare glances at your partner and you start laughing at out or you think about a funny thing they did earlier that day and you start laughing at work. Fun or making sweet memories doesn’t halt once you walk down the aisle.

It is all communication and time management between couples. Just as a man can invite his friends over to watch footballer, a woman can also invite her girls over for a movie night or try new recipes.

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It buffers me when people still think marriage is bondage or a prison hence the need for a bachelorette party to celebrate their last night of freedom?

Life is what you make it. In fact, gone are the days when a woman’s place was entirely the kitchen. These days couples eat out at least once a month if they have a busy schedule or go on double dates with friends and family.

Bacherolette should be about celebrating your day of freedom. The celebration should be about the transition from singledom to tying the knots with the love of your life. Once’s freedom and right should be seized because they decided to live the rest of their lives with someone. However, one should know their limits when it comes to having fun or making certain decisions.

In an exclusive interview with Berchie A. Nana Afriyie, CEO of Eventerprise, “she revealed that some brides have bachelorette parties to "enjoy their last moments of freedom as a potential spinster, before heading into the full-fledged commitment of marriage. It is not about being sad that you regret getting married. It's only fair that you celebrate the life you had before it. Just like a proper honour to your old life as you are excited about the new one.”

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As a human and emotional we can be, it is normal to hang out with close friends a day or two before committing to a lifetime relationship which neither promises to be smooth or bumpy. Perfect timing to reflect on all the amorous relationships, how it began and ended and some best memories with friends over drinks. 

Nana Afriyie discloses that “some couples have separate parties just to have fun with close friends before they get hitched. They have bachelorette parties to have a past taste of single life. It isn't merged because each partner and their friends are supposed to celebrate their last night being single and free. Hopefully, they'll have a great moment of enjoyment during their marriage and so may want to enjoy the company of their close friends and relatives, prior to that”.

There are no lay down rules for planning a bachelorette. It’s very important to take into consideration the interest of the bride and money at hand to plan the event. 

Explaining what goes on during the bachelorette party, she disclosed that “depends what the bride-to-be wants. Maybe a quiet chilled time in with food and a film/a spa session with friends and some close relatives/ a small get together with only the closest people around. An extreme one is with adult entertainment (like ‘.Tiwa's one SGIT)/ a seriously wild night out with pre-drinks, male entertainers and crazy stuff and the friends of the bride usually incurs the cost".

Aside from capturing the beautiful event to be shared on social media, having a bachelorette can positively and negatively affect your marriage. On the brighter, your married friends can share some handy tips before the booze is served. Nana Afriyie added, “Well not everything that happens at the bachelorette party stays there. People like to talk and gist, or it may come out in passing accidentally during a conversation - issues for the newlyweds. Hence the sad story after every wedding "you lose some friends”.

What were Ghanaian women doing before bachelorette? “Ghanaian women were home with parents and friends as they advise you on your new journey. Laughing about the good old days. Same idea but a new name. The highly spiritual ones might just stay home and pray

 Bachelorette is not a biggy. You deserve to be able to celebrate yourself, friendship and the life you have lived. Bachelorette is not an end to friendship but an honour to a new commitment marriage”, she added.

According to a popular quote by Judith Viorst, “One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again”.