Opinion: Why housewives deserve a salary in 2019

Would you dare attend career day in your child’s school and mention that you are a housewife?

Silhouette of a housewife

What career advice do you to have with the future leaders of this country? Do you want your child to become the laughing stock of the year? 

We have denigrated or relegated the title of a housewife to be low class and woman who sits home all day watching telenovela. Of course, they watch TV just as people working in white collar jobs go for lunch or spend almost an hour during office hours liking Instagram photos, commenting on Facebook or tweeting about how boring their day has been to cool off.

Being a housewife doesn’t require a certificate. However, one must possess certain traits which most professionals lack.

Time management is an important factor is the life of a housewife. She has to wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family, dress up the kids before the school bus starts honking. She has to prepare dinner before the kids close from school and also make sure her husband’s food is ready and warm when he walks through the door.

Following an agreement on the menu for the week, a housewife has almost every other ingredient in their kitchen just in case any member of the family opts for another dishes irrespective of the time of the day. 

She plays the role of a manager and supervisor perfectly without any cause to complain. Even a housewife without any form of formal education guide their children to do their homework and find interesting ways to introduce them to basic house chores and teach them how to be responsible and independent individuals.

It is petty impressive how they are able to combine colours and dress up their kids for events in lovely outfits. They always have a style in mind before they meet their local seamstress or tailor. Talk about hairstyling for their lovely girls and you can't compete with them. 

Believe it not, some of these housewives don’t have any knowledge about basic red cross safety tips but they are able to step in and aid with first aid when the need arises. 

Do you have stomach upset, severe headache or joint body pains after sitting in the office for long hours? They have the perfect concoction to relieve you of your pains with any proper dosage. They make good use of their kitchen ingredients to pamper their skin, hair and treat wounds.

While you are busily learning about marketing and bargaining in the lecture room, she is doing the practicals at Makola market. Well, she can’t bargain at the mall but she knows which shops to visit when she wants quality but affordable products.

 Without doing any income-earning job, housewives are able to financially support her household with money saved from buying in bulk, on discounts and during sales.

It takes a genius to single-handedly organise family dinners, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries among other events and receive accolades from everyone.

Do you still think housewives don’t deserve pay or recognition for their hard work?


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