18 Ways you can identify a good partner

You can really tell if the person you are dating right now, will be a good partner. You just need to know what to look out for. Words are deceptive, actions do not lie.

A happy couple

The human mind is so deep and full of mischief.

If you are not trained to know the signs of a good partner, you will make mistakes when you choose.

Most people put out their best foot first, during courtship. “Wait make una enter house,” things will change.

1. A good partner, always listens attentively. To listen attentively, means to give rapt attention to what somebody is saying .

2. A good partner understands the importance of communication, and makes out time to communicate effectively. The result of effective communication is that both parties understand what each other has said, and issues are resolved amicably without letting it end up in a fight.

3. A good partner will always make out time to spend quality time with you.

4. A good partner understand the value of money and plans his or her finances.

5. A good partner never gossips or talks down on people.

6. A good partner will never bear grudges or hold on to hurts from the past.

7. A good partner wants to know your needs, with an intention to meeting them. Emotional needs oh! Not material needs.

8. A good partner understands that a gift expresses the value you place on the person it is given to.

9. A good partner is trustworthy and dependable.

10. A good partner is not abusive-verbally, physically or emotionally.

11. A good partner will always encourage you to be the best of you. He or she is not intimidated when you make progress.

12. A good partner always says “Sorry” and “Thank-you”

13. A good partner will not talk you down.

14. A good partner does not make consistent and un-necessary financial demands.

15. A good partner will not expect every decision to go his or her way all the time.

16. A good partner understands that you need some time on your own in your personal space.

17. A good partner is independent from every form of external influence.

18. A good partner will not manipulate you for selfish interests.

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