A lot of training manuals have been developed on the topic of listening. Listening skill is the most important skill everybody who wishes to succeed in a relationship, must acquire.

A good listening skill is the key to a successful communication process. Listening is the ability of an individual to correctly receive and decipher information in a communication process.

A communication process can easily break down, if the message is not properly decoded by the receiver.

Here are some tips that will help you develop your listening skills.

1. Rid your mind of every bias.

2. Relax and stop talking.

3. Make the speaker feel at ease.

4. While the speaker is talking, do not prepare your defence or response. It distracts.

5. Nod and make eye contact often. It gives the speaker the impression he is being taken seriously.

6. Do not fold your hand over your chest. It depicts resistance. It could cut the flow or discourage the speaker.

7. Be patient.

8. Ask questions when you do not understand what is communicated. Do not assume you know what the speaker means.

9. Look out for the speaker’s body language. They speak louder than words.

10. Understand the stand-point of the speaker.

11. Show empathy.