Sal Rich: You will only succeed if you give people what they really need

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people are considering becoming entrepreneurs.

Sal Rich

They want to start their businesses and find ways to be profitable, even when many industries are not.

Working for yourself can take off the extra financial stress. While making money is crucial, you can’t do it well without building tangible value for your customers. And that is one of the most valuable lessons that entrepreneur Sal Rich has learned through his business journey.

Sal Rich is the founder of Eclipse Relief, a trademarked nutraceutical brand that provides premium supplements like hemp, elderberry, apple cider vinegar, and vitamin C.

He is also the co-founder of VS1, which sells teeth whitening products. When he set out to form these businesses, he knew that he had to add genuine and credible value to the lives of his customers. “I didn’t reinvent the wheel,” says Rich. “You can find other whitening and nutritional supplement products.

The difference is that ours are well-researched and provide the best possible relief to the users. You don’t need to sell something 100% new; you have to be the best entrepreneur in your industry and know how to transform your product.” When deciding what business to start, he recommends studying what people need first, rather than guessing what they want. “What problem can you solve for a group of people? How can you change their lives? Solving a problem will get you far in the business sphere.”

One of the things that has helped Rich most in his career is his time in college. He attended Arizona State University and earned three engineering degrees. “Most entrepreneurs recommend skipping college.

I think this is a little misguided. College teaches you life lessons and can help you learn about yourself.” Another strength of getting your degree is the networking you can do along the way. “I talked to a lot of people during college and made plenty of connections. It helped me learn more about my potential customers and find people who wanted to collaborate with me.” While he doesn’t think college is necessary for everyone, it was a foundational part of his career.

If you’re looking to add tangible value to your business, consider finding a need to fill rather than a want. This strategy has worked well for Sal Rich, and he can’t wait to see what is yet to come in his career.


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