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SMS Etiquette 9 nine types of texters, which are you?

We all have experienced every type of texter on this list.

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You know how you can always tell a person from how they speak? No, not how they sound, but how they speak, their choice of words, how they lay down their sentences and all. Well, you can also tell a person from how he/she text.

In this list, I bring a round-up of nine of the  most conspicuous texters you might experience on a daily basis.

1. The grammatically correct texter

This person rarely uses the normal text language, especially any abbreviations. Most likely they will even spell out abbreviations, which is actually a really difficult and annoying word to spell out. There (see what I did there?) grammar is on point, literally with their period use.

Every sentence ends in a period and every first letter is capitalized. You may think they are being smart with you when they use their periods, but there is no short tone involved. They are truly just grammar freaks. These people in person - well there is no doubt that your use of good and well is changed if wrong.

I.E. waddup? 
This texter: You mean what's up? Anyway, nothing much. I am currently working on my latest Toni Morrison essay. It is going very well.

2. The what did you just say texter

This person is literally the opposite of the grammatically correct one. You may think they are drunk when they text you, but they are usually not. They are just lazy and into all of the "ur" "gr8" "totes" kind of language. Nothing is ever spelled correctly.

I personally know someone who just does this to annoy the living crap out of me. It absolutely works.

I.E. waddup? 
This texter: totes fuggin urp dis hw

3. The texter that always laughs

Every single text ends in either an "LOL" or "haha" when nothing is funny about the situation.

I.E. waddup? 
This texter: Oh nada hahaha

4. The story telling texter

This person always uses text as another form of writing a novel. There stories blow up your phone, sometimes literally. Text after text after text. Not just of a few sentences each, but at least 10 per text sent. And when you think they are finally done, they ask for you opinion and then go on once again. I always wondered about these people. If their thumbs are falling off or burning...

I.E. waddup?
This texter: I haven't eaten for four solid days coz I didn't n't have money. Fortunately enough I met my pastor n told him to give me just 2 cedis but the pastor prayed for me instead n told me God will make a way coz he doesn't have enough. Immediately he moved an inch his 50 cedis fell down.

5. The sarcastic texter

This one doesn't understand that tone is never valid over texts. You are not on the phone or in person and reading this person's texts are nerve wracking as fuck. You can never take this person too seriously, but there are some things that they say that are rather harsh.

If you know them enough in person, then it might be easier to brush the text off. If not, you need to clarify with this person whether they are serious or not. Sometimes they keep this going and say of course I'm serious, another sarcastic remark that you, again, cannot tell whether the person is for real or not. This texter is frustrating. Either play with them and be more sarcastic, or just stop texting them.

I.E. waddup? 
This texter: can you please just stop WhatsApping me? God.

6. The outgoing texter but really introverted person

They can text about everything and anything. From their traumatic pasts to their most embarrassing moments to how hot you are to how much they want to fuck you. You get to see them in person, and getting a word out of them is absolutely impossible.

Well, at least in comparison to how they acted over text. You may want to call them sometimes instead of texting, but they will never respond. They are not touchy people either in person so all of those compliments really meant nothing.

I.E. waddup?
This texter: Hey, sorry to be a downer but I just got into a huge fight with my mom. (Okay, that was a horrible example - I just couldn't think of one for this one. Sue me)

7. The sexting fiend

This person will never talk about anything else other than sex, getting a picture from you that isn't of your dog (unless it's a hot dog if you know what I mean), that always seems horny and you can't imagine ever being this horny ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes you're in the mood for this of course, but there are times when they try to get you to sext you and they either say that you are a tease, or plead for you nudity. In all honesty, either way you are a tad bit flattered. Until the point of ten texts in a row telling you come on, you know you want it.

The best part is, there is a big part of them that will never ask you to actually hang out. Not even for sex. They just like sexting. These are the weirdos.

I.E. waddup?
This texter: I was just thinking about you in the shower. Thanks for the help ;)

8. The emoji obsessed texter

They do not speak in words. Rather they express themselves in images over text, also known as emojis. If they are embarrassed, that monkey hiding his eyes will be used. Want to have sex with you? That pointed hand and the "A OK" hand will be used.

They love what you just said? Hearts ... in every color. They are cold? Snowflake. Hot? Flame. Bored? Every single emoji known to man.

I.E. waddup? 

9. The are they alive? texter

This person always answers at least an hour after your text. You are afraid they just got hit by a car or worse - is ignoring you on purpose. They aren't doing this on purpose, or at any fault of yours (usually). They just leave their phones anywhere and don't think texting you back is at the top of their priority list.

Sometimes they get mad at you for not answering back, which makes you laugh or want to scream. Either way, they don't really notice that hours have passed by before texting your actually very important question on what to wear tonight.

It's 11 and you're out and they will say OH! that one shirt, the black laced one. Thank you.... That was way helpful.

I.E. waddup?
This Texter:_blank_

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