5 lies every Ghanaian mother has told their child before

Ghanaian mothers, with their unique blend of sternness and affection, often find themselves bending the truth in humorous ways.


Here are five common fibs that almost every Ghanaian child has heard at least once, serving as rites of passage in many households.

This quintessential reassurance is often given to coax a confession out of a reluctant child or get the child to stop running away from them. The reality, however, frequently turns out to be somewhat different, teaching children that they will be punished for their wrongdoing in due time.


Used to extract secrets or personal confessions, this promise of discretion is usually made with the best intentions. However, it's not uncommon for the entire extended family to be briefed on the matter by the next family gathering. Lesson learned: some secrets are best kept between friends.

What starts as a financial safeguarding strategy often ends with the money being absorbed into the household budget. Children quickly learn that retrieving their festival or birthday money from their mom's safekeeping is not possible.

Ghanaian mothers will ask politely to borrow money from you, the request is usually followed with a promise of paying back later which never happens. The unspoken agreement is that room, feeding, and parental love are more than adequate compensation.


A classic stall tactic employed by Ghanaian mothers worldwide. The child hurries to get ready, fueled by the fear of being left behind, only to find their mother did not plan to go with them in the first place. Before the child returns the mother is already gone.

One of the more comedic deceits happens in the early morning hours. A Ghanaian mother might declare it’s much later than it actually is to hurry along with a sleepy child.

The strategy ensures that the morning routine is met with more urgency, even if it does mean the child occasionally catches a few more winks of sleep than planned.


These humorous fibs, told with love and often a hint of desperation, are a testament to the universal challenges and joys of parenting. They underscore the shared laughter and occasional frustrations that bond children and their mothers in Ghana and beyond.


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