8 things you should do when texting someone for the first time

When you're texting someone for the first time, it's important to make a positive impression.

things you should do when texting someone for the first time

Whether it's for professional networking, online dating, or simply reaching out to a new friend, how you communicate can set the tone for your future interactions.

Here are some tips and etiquette to consider to ensure your first message opens doors to continued conversation.

Starting a conversation with someone new over text can feel daunting. The key is to be clear, respectful, and engaging. Your goal is to spark interest and establish a connection without overwhelming the recipient.

  • Personalize: Use their name if you know it. A personalized greeting helps make your message feel more tailored and less generic.
  • Be Polite: A simple "Hello [Name]," can go a long way in setting a friendly tone.
  • Context is Key: Remind them of who you are and where you met or how you got their number. For instance, "Hi [Name], this is [Your Name] from the conference last week."
  • Conciseness: Your initial message should be brief but informative. Avoid overwhelming them with too much information or multiple questions in one text.
  • State Your Intentions: Let them know why you're reaching out. Are you asking for a favor, hoping to set up a meeting, or just wanting to chat? Clarity will help guide the conversation smoothly.
  • Professionalism: Even in informal settings, using proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar can make a good impression. Avoid slang and abbreviations until you understand their texting style.
  • Considerate Timing: Don’t text too early in the morning or too late at night. Aim for appropriate times when they are likely to be free to respond.
  • Engagement: Encourage a response by ending your message with a question related to your purpose or a simple call to action, like "Let me know what you think!"
  • Double texting: Avoid sending multiple messages if they haven't replied to your first. Give them some time to respond.
  • Read receipts: Be aware that some people might feel pressured if they know you can see they've read your message. Keep the conversation relaxed.

Texting someone for the first time is about balance: being polite yet direct, and friendly yet respectful. By following these guidelines, you'll be more likely to receive a positive response, and potentially build a fruitful connection.

The goal of your first message is to open a line of communication, so keep it welcoming and straightforward.


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