6 best dance songs for your big day

Traditionally, the first dance is the most moving part of the wedding ceremony going into the reception.

Considering the fact that there has been an increase in weddings these days, wedding tips cant be overflogged. These issues affect both those awaiting marriage and those with wedding dates already fixed.

Traditionally, the first dance is the most moving part of the wedding ceremony going into the reception. It is the moment where everyone, friends, family, whoever, all fade away and the spotlight focuses on the bride and groom.

As someone who is close to either party, you get to see just how close and intimate the love between two souls is simply by the way they hold each other to the pulsating beat.

Theses moments have to be paired with just the right songs to suit the ceremony. Here are our top 10 recommendations for the wedding shuffle.


The couple's favorite song

This is always a smash as it is one of the first common grounds the couple get to share. Maybe a song form the first day or an anniversary, it doesn't matter. as far as they both dig it, its bound to bring the water works.

As by Stevie Wonder

Simply put, this is one of the greatest songs ever written. Stevie Wonder’s “As” is funky enough to not put anyone to sleep, and romantic enough to not leave a dry eye in the house. Certainly a top choice for any newlyweds first dance pick.

At last by Etta James


You might not have Beyonce jumping in  to sing this song at your wedding, but the original’s way better. Etta James rich version of the Glenn Miller orchestra-backed classic invokes an aura of cool that will distinguish yourself from other people’s first wedding dance.

All of me by John Legend

The Ohio-native and Grammy Award winner strikes hearts all over again with another classic aimed at lovers everywhere. The crooner himself wrote and dedicated this tune to his own wife, so if you’re feeling like your wedding is a mountainous occasion, then this is right for you and your significant other.

Cant take my eyes of you by Lauryn Hill

New Jersey’s most cherished daughter of soul kills this Frankie Valli track by the same name. This Grammy nominated cut sung by the first lady of Hip-Hop and Soul sends shivers cascading through the spines of conjoined couples sharing their first dance.


Make you feel my love by Adele

Feel the hairs on your body standing up on end? Now, imagine the emotions that you and your groom/bride would experience hearing this simple, yet strong Adele track.

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