What the zodiac signs say this week

The Chinese believe that the animals also affect the characters of people, just like the western astrology signs

The Chinese follow a zodiac pattern that is represented by various animals. They believe that the animals also affect the characters of people, just like the western astrology signs do.


Here is what says about the Chinese Horoscope

Rat: This week brings the opportunity to take the lead. It's positive for repairing any misunderstandings in an intimate relationship. Shared finances flow more smoothly if you're honest. The energy is rather scattered midweek. Be patient with multiple demands. Aggressive action that requires fair play may be needed at week's end. Stand up for your rights, especially in power disputes. The weekend offers a chance to recharge in the company of close friends.

Ox: Expansive and emotionally positive energy colors the week. Any sort of intimate relationship deserves more time and attention. Expect the unexpected midweek. You may want to make a major change, but be sure you first plan carefully. Confusion is possible at week's end because so much is going on. Reserve time to think about and set priorities. You can be amazingly persuasive this weekend. Your charm and high spirits are hard to ignore. Plan something exciting and bring your friends along.

Tiger: Expect an emotionally positive week. You could discover a feeling of greater stability with both finances and intimate relationships. A woman could bring unexpected news midweek. Criticism or confusion doesn't have to change your plans. Having good boundaries means it's OK to say no. It isn't fair for you to be everyone's shoulder to cry on. Take extra time to improve your appearance this weekend. A natural look is best. Sharing your home with others can be great fun.

Rabbit: Expect positive energy concerning close relationships and shared resources. Unexpected news could bring spiritual insights about ordinary events. You have the opportunity to understand and help someone in need. Your warmth and confidence make a difference for someone more vulnerable. This could be a week when you need to step up and demand changes in your community or on the job. It will be possible to be both powerful and diplomatic. Pay greater attention to improving your health this weekend.

Dragon: Your work behind the scenes could pay off this week. Intimate relationships and joint financial projects flow smoothly if you're honest. This is the time for action concerning your job. An unusual woman might bring an unexpected opportunity this week. There is some risk that you'll be quite upset with someone at week's end. Don't cling to negative emotions. Revenge isn't the best use of your energy. The weekend is lucky for getting what you want.

Snake: This is an expansive and emotionally positive week. Romance is in the air - you may be head over heels in love. Business projects and family plans that require cooperation could take more time than expected. Be patient. Avoid making any promise or commitment at week's end. There could be too many demands for you to choose wisely. Don't be afraid to say no at week's end. This is a wonderful weekend for a short holiday with friends. Get out and explore the world.

Horse: You have every reason to feel more expansive and emotionally positive this week. Do what you like best. There is great satisfaction to be had through immersion in creative projects. Friends support your interests. If you want to break free and do something new at home or at work, this is the right time to start. Someone could give you the strength to stand up for your needs at week's end. It's a wonderful weekend for a house party or fun with friends.

Goat: If you've been planning a change or need to make a proposal, this is the time. You can convince anyone of practically anything early this week. Positive thinking and good humor give you unbeatable charisma. You may be moving in too many directions at once at midweek. Delay commitments until you carefully review your options. This is an ideal weekend to go out with friends. A family secret could distract you. Share your concerns with someone you trust.

Monkey: This is a strong week to make changes at work or home. It's important to be confident. You'll have the best opportunity when you clearly say what you want to achieve. Attitude is everything. An open and emotionally positive frame of mind helps you defend what you know is correct and win support from others. Finish projects before you start something new this weekend. Get out and relax this weekend. It will help your outlook.

Rooster: This is a week to be brave. An expansive and emotionally positive energy can open new doors and help you feel more balanced. Working with women could bring unexpected changes midweek. Don't neglect your family in favor of career obligations. Maintain equilibrium. You can help defend someone less able against a crafty person or unequal situation. Consider doing more to help in your community this weekend. Think about taking a class.

Dog: Business and personal concerns enjoy a more expansive and emotionally positive energy. Unexpected news could change your plans midweek. Take any opportunity to help someone in need. Some relationships may be rather demanding. It's unwise to give in just to keep the peace. Find a middle path. The weekend favors any sort of gathering with good friends or family. You may be able to create a very romantic mood with little effort on Sunday.

Pig: This week a friend may help you find greater emotional equilibrium. This is a positive time to review your finances and make a new budget. Look for ways to save money and start saving. Midweek is ideal for research and solving complex questions. Week's end brings important lessons about a close relationship. Highly opinionated people may dominate events. There is a risk of confrontation concerning who is boss. Don't assume the worst.


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