5 things nobody tells you about having a sugar daddy

In our parts of the world, having a sugar daddy (sponsor) is mostly for financial gain.

Man holding an acoustic guitar beside a woman [Photo: Viktoria Slowikowska]

These relationships usually start as transactional relationships. but things can escalate quickly.

These are 5 truths nobody tells you about having sugar daddies.

Most girls psyche themselves for a relationship where they take money from their sponsors in exchange for sex.


It might sound that simple from the start, but it’s usually more than that.

You’ll end up doing a lot of things you didn’t bargain for, whether you are comfortable with it or not, you can’t complain because it might affect your income.

Some individuals enter such relationships with the hope of gaining financial independence and then moving on.

The reality is, that your sugar daddy is likely aware of this.


He may dangle the promise of leveraging his connections to assist you in securing employment, but it's akin to chasing a mirage—every step forward seems to push the goal farther away.

This never materializes because your financial independence would mean he loses the ability to control you as he pleases, and that's something he wouldn't desire.

When he provides you with a place to stay, it's often because he desires exclusive access to you.

When he extends a favor, be aware that there may be an expectation of reciprocation.


There's a saying that "there's no such thing as a free lunch," and in his case, even the smallest gesture may come with strings attached.

Some people start businesses with their sugar daddies, while others think they can do business with their money and leave when the business picks up.

The truth is, you can’t start a business with his money, the money goes as easy as it comes.

When you sit down to account for it you will find yourself wondering where all the money went.


There’s more to what we see every day.

If you encounter a woman who appears to have received such lavish gifts from her sugar daddy, take the time to have a conversation with her and uncover the full narrative.

Anything he gives you is likely to go with him when the relationship ends, unless of course, you got something on him you are likely to leave with nothing but lessons.


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