Halle Berry is insanely fit. In other news: The sky is blue.

But seriously, sometimes Halle posts next-level sh*t about her workouts-like the jaw-dropping photo she just shared on Instagram as part of her #FitnessFriday series.

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But the message Halle shares in the caption-all about breaking out of a fitness rut-is pretty awesome, too. “We do the same exercises for legs, the same for upper body, the same for abs and so on and then we wonder why we don’t see any real change in our body,” she writes. “Well, here is the answer. You have to shock your system and offer your body new exercises that it can respond to.”

Halle then says she recently started doing handstands with donkey kicks to mix things up and “noticed my upper body got stronger and more defined.” She then urged people to check out the new video she and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas made that offers up some easy ways of doing old exercises “to shock your body and get faster results.”

Now, a look at some of the next-level moves he demos:

Planche Progression

This one involves starting out in a plank position, and then pushing yourself forward so that you’re resting most of your weight on your arms with your toes barely touching the ground. Then, go back again.

Atomic Climbers

The next is atomic climbers, which also start out in a plank position. From there, kick your knees up toward your elbows. Then, come back down into plank position.

Pistol Squat

Finally, there’s the pistol squat, which is basically your standard squat but way harder. To do this, stand with your feet together, hip-width apart. Then raise one leg out in front of you, so it's perpendicular with your body. Then, squat down on the other leg while reaching toward your raised leg. Come back up (still on one leg) and lower your raised leg. Then repeat on the other side.

Whew! Further proof that Halle is an absolute fitness goddess, and us mere mortals are so not worthy.