What do you think of this fishy trend?

Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to put raw fish eggs on your face (although some spas do offer facials that do just that!).

The benefits come from the extract of caviar, says dermatologist Michelle Henry, M.D., usually from sturgeon eggs—although she notes some companies may use extracts from roe of other varieties of fish used for caviar.

They may not be the cheapest buys, but man, caviar-infused products can deliver some gorgeous results.

Here are three perks you can expect from using products with caviar extract:

Minimized fine lines

Caviar’s number one benefit? Its anti-aging properties. “Caviar extract contains antioxidant properties to protect skin against dangerous UVA and UVB rays,” explains Henry. “This helps to prevent against collagen and elastin breakdown.” It works wonders on lessening the appearance of wrinkles.

Moisturized, glowing skin

Caviar extract can be quite moisturizing,” says Henry. It contains hydrating elements such as the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. “Omega-3 and omega-6 play an important role in the integrity and barrier function of the skin,” she says.

They provide moisture and leave behind a beautiful glow, making skin appear more radiant and youthful. (We also like this rejuvenating face mist to freshen up during the day.)

Hydrated, shiny hair

Caviar extract also provides great anti-aging benefits to your hair, says Henry. “The UV protective and moisturizing properties that help improve the texture and quality of the skin also help the hair,” she explains.

“Products containing caviar extract will deliver hydration and increase the shine of hair strands.” So think: full, soft, shiny locks.