Padma Lakshmi Just Shared A Nude Pic Of Herself Lounging In A Bathtub On Instagram

Padma Lakshmi Posts Nude Bathtub Instagram
  • Padma Lakshmi shared a nude picture of herself lounging in a bathtub.
  • The Top Chef host used the post to talk about self-care and treating yourself.
  • Padma takes care of herself by "organizing" her thoughts and drinking lots of tea.

Padma Lakshmi looks like she is living her best life in her most recent Instagram post. The Top Chef host and author just posted a carefully-posed nude picture of herself lounging in a copper tub filled with pink rose petals, and tbh, her approach to self-care is straight-up iconic.

"When youve been on the road for six months straight and you finally get a minute (1) to yourself #tbt #selfcare #treatyourself #deepsigh," she captioned her post.

And her famous friends and followers are HERE for it.

"Now THIS is self-care...," commented Ashlee Marie Preston. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson noted, "Thought I saw a nipple! It was just a rose petal! ."

Another fan wrote, "Always the model!! Love ya Padma!"

And of course, people are having major tub envy. " I want that bathtub," one fan wrote, and another simply said, "That tub ."

Padma is all about self-care. She shared with that she likes to make room for "quiet time."

"I think when you become a parent and have so many projects going on, its hard to find time to just be alone in a room. Not on your phone, not reading, not going to the gymjust literally sitting still," she said. "Some call it meditation; I just call it organizing my thoughts. Even if its just half an hour a day. Ill pretend Im running an errand and just sit in a cafe and have a cup of tea."

Oh, and speaking of tea...Padma's SUPER into the hot and healthy bev. "I love tea. I drink 45 cups of it a day. We have a drawer in my house which is just full of tea bags and honey and mugs stacked all on top of each other. By the end of the day, every cup has been used," she also shared with "I love Hediard black tea with half-and-half and sugar. Its my version of a cappuccino. Its really strong and abundantly sweet."

Clearly, Padma's a self-care guru. (Brb, taking notes.)


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