Italian striker ignores traffic regulations [VIDEO]

Mario Balotelli disregarded the speeding limits and had his licence confiscated as a result.

Mario Balotelli

It looks like breaking traffic rules is not peculiar to only Nigerians.

Mario Balotelli was recently caught breaking a traffic regulation, speeding.

The Italian striker was caught exceeding the limit by a speed camera near the house with his Lamborghini last week.

Reportedly, he was driving his Lamborghini at over 90 kmph in a residential area with a limit of 50 kmph.

Italian news agency, reports that his driving licence was confiscated according to Italian law.

When questioned by police officers, he said, "I'm sorry, but I hadn't realised [that he had been driving so fast]."

We, including famous people, all need to obey traffic rules or face the consequences.

Watch a video of Mario Balotelli below.


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