Bloodied and bruised French cyclist Yoann Offredo claimed on Monday he was assaulted by box cutter and baseball bat wielding attackers while on a training ride.

"Today, victim of an assault, with a box cutter and a baseball bat while training with two friends," wrote the 30-year-old on his Facebook account, alongside photos of himself with a bloodied face and huge welt on his forearm.

"Result: a broken nose, a rib in a sorry state and bruises all over the body, but on top of the physical injuries, I'm above all shocked."

Offredo, who rides for Belgian outfit Wanty, did not specify where the attack took place but said it was "in the country of human rights".

He also gave no other details about the attackers.

"I'm not angry, I'm just sad to say that I hope my children don't take up this great sport that I love.

"You leave in the morning to go training but never know if you'll be coming back."