Multi-talented award winning actor, producer, and published author Steve Stanulis details his success while hinting at new projects in the works

Steve Stanulis is a name you may have heard before as someone who has been heavily involved in the entertainment industry for more than a decade before his rise to fame as an award-winning actor, producer, director, and published author, he served as a cop for the NYPD.

Steve Stanulis

He would eventually become a professional security guard to some of the leading names in entertainment, including Kim Kardashian and her former husband, Kanye West (Ye), proving that it's never too late to make a career switch.


Having proven himself to the world, Steve Stanulis has earned a reputation for his incredible work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond to succeed. Not only is he hard-working, but he's not afraid to try something new and different, which is how he managed to experience such tremendous success over the years.

When asked about his success and what it was like going from being a police officer to working as a security guard and then eventually diving into the entertainment industry himself, Steve was incredibly vocal about the experience. "I've never been the kind of person who is too afraid to put myself out there. I believe in making connections with the right people and nurturing those professional relationships to learn more, gain valuable knowledge, and use that to experience both personal and professional growth," said Mr. Stanulis. "I love to get creative and come up with new ideas for different projects. If you remain dedicated to what you're doing and even a bit cautious, taking things step-by-step, you can set yourself up for success. It simply takes a willingness to work hard and lots of consistency."

Focused on Greatness, Steve Stanulis Looks Forward to Bringing New and Exciting Documentaries and Films to the Forefront

Steve has worked feverishly for the last several years to develop some of the most captivating films and documentaries. He directed the film, "5th Borough," starring actress Tara Reid and actor James Russo. The film centers around a man named Niko who needs to come up with large sums of money to cover medical expenses for his young daughter, who gets diagnosed with a brain tumor. The captivating film pulls at the heartstrings while leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. But that's not the only film he's directed. Other Stanulis films include "Chronicle of a Serial Killer," released in 2020 and featuring DMX, James Russo, and Brendan Sexton, and "Monica," starring Emily Browning and Patricia Clarkson.

While these films have done exceptionally well, Steve has no plans to stop anytime soon. In fact, after harrowing experiences as a bodyguard for Ye and his famous wife, he has spent the past several months creating an entertaining expose on the American rap artist. Entitled "15 Days with Kanye," the documentary will premiere on January 19th at the New York City International Film Festival.

"I'm incredibly excited for the world to see what I've been working on for quite some time. I think it's important for people to understand what people like Kanye are really like behind the scenes and how their behaviors can impact those around them," shared Stanulis. "Despite backlash for choosing to make the documentary, I've continued to push forward and completed the film, which I believe is honestly telling. Not everyone will agree with the light I'm shedding on one of America's most recognized rappers. However, I know many are prepared to be entertained by what I've put together and look forward to learning more about my experiences of dealing with Kanye firsthand."

While shedding light on his tumultuous relationship with Kanye West and the behavior of someone most would say is erratic at best, Steve says the documentary isn't all about bashing the artist. "This documentary isn't defamatory, and that's the reason I can finally release it to the public. Instead, I used this documentary to share my experiences and my side of the story of working with such a big name in music. I also believe that he has some issues and is currently in self-destructive mode, where he could probably use help, so I'm not taking things personally. I'm just giving people a realistic view of what it was like to work in such crazy, hectic conditions with unrealistic rules," says Stanulis.

Although excitedly anticipating the documentary's release, Steve Stanulis still has more up his sleeve. He's currently working on an eight-episode dark comedy mockumentary where a camera crew follows a hitman, and things start to get wild. Steve looks forward to announcing additional details on this collaboration with Great Kills Network in the coming weeks.

Steve's ability to capture raw footage and turn it into something incredible is something that makes Stanulis films and documentaries so great. When asked how he developed a story and transformed it into a full-on production, he said, "I rely on three main points to build stories that lead to full-scale production – script, genre, and budget. I also take the time to work with casting agencies to get a feel for the funding and cast members needed for every project to determine the budget. Of course, it all comes down to having a genuinely good script, which I feel is most important."

Because of his tremendous success, Steve has amassed a large following on social media, with a staggering 1.6 million followers earned organically. In addition, many people look up to him because of his unique success story, from someone who once worked at Chippendales and eventually became an NYPD officer before taking on the role of a bodyguard for the stars and diving into the entertainment industry himself.

"Plenty of people ask me how I've made a name for myself in entertainment, and I always tell them it's from hard work and consistency. Some of the people who reach out to me are parents who'd like to get their children involved in entertainment. And while I don't see anything wrong with newcomers, including children who are passionate about acting, I will say that parents need to be on top of everything going on around their children. It's important to stay on top of them and know what's happening in the industry, especially because of some Hollywood scandals uncovered in recent years," says Stanulis. "Come up with a strategy that prioritizes safety. The entertainment industry is wonderful, but it has its highs and lows. As a father of three, I would tell anyone to go for their dreams but just be cautious and aware of everything. Parents who want their children to succeed in entertainment need to be present rather than just dropping them off and picking them back up hours later."

If anyone can prove that you don't have to settle for one career in this lifetime, it's Steve Stanulis. Widely regarded as a Jack of All Trades and someone who knows his stuff when it comes to filming and producing, the multi-talented author, producer, and director looks forward to working on more projects in the future. Using his creative mindset and willingness to think outside the box while pushing boundaries, he's excited to see what he will come up with next for the rest of the world to view and enjoy. Those interested in staying updated on Steve's latest projects can follow him on Instagram @SteveStanulis.


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