A leading member of the International Godsway Church, Fred Kyei Mensah has warned the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) not to lord their principles over Bishop Daniel Obinim.

He clarified that Bishop Obinim has a “different calling” and must thus be allowed to operate the best way he knows how.

“Obinim is not part of that group…so if you are ask the government to come and regulate, it is very, very, bad. People want Obinim to do things that they are doing but his calling is different,” he said during a panel discussion on Joy FM.

“Who are you to say that you are the custodian of the bible and the papas of land so whatever you say should be what people should accept?” he asked.

The founder of the International Godsway Church has been criticised for comments he made against the First Vice President of the GPCC, Rt. Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah.

Bishop Obinim had earlier claimed that he could metamorphose into any animal including a snake to unleash terror on his enemies. His declaration instigated a response from the GPCC’s Rev. Ankrah who stated that Bishop Obinim was using ‘magic.’

However, Mr. Kyei Mensah said persons who choose to worship with Bishop Daniel Obinim are not “stupid” as alluded by Rev. Ankrah.

According to him, the church has well educated individuals and persons of high standing in the Ghanaian society and such persons are thus, very discerning.

“Korankye Ankrah said that the members of Obinim’s church are not discerning and that is very, very insulting,” he fumed, adding that every Ghanaian has the freedom of association “but the Pentecostal churches want to lord their principles over others.”

He stressed that Bishop Obinim is a prophet and very different.