Britain will go through economic slowdown between now and the next three years, according to Ghanas foremost international relations expert, Vladimir Antwi Danso.

Speaking on Joy FM's Super Morning Show Friday, Antwi Danso said it will take a minimum of 18 months for the UK economy to rebound because they'd have to realign their financial industry.

"Britain would have an economic slowdown between now and the next three years. That is normal in a political economy.

"The economy is going to slowdown from the minimum of between 18 months to three years before it shoots off because everything: their finances, their fiscal policies, foreign policy.... everything," he said.

Britain may lose its AAA credit rating after voting to leave the European Union (EU), Standard & Poor's rating agency said Friday.

"We think that an AAA-rating is untenable under the circumstances," S&P chief ratings officer Moritz Kraemer told the Financial Times.