The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has cautioned motorists to desist from using the Aayalolo bus lanes since they will be punished when caught.

The AMA said the unauthorised usage of Aayalolo lanes will be a violation of AMA's traffic policy

On Wednesday (March 7, 2018), the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), through AMA, started enforcing the laws that prevent other vehicles from using the Aayalolo bus services infrastructure and installations.

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The AMA had earlier banned the enforcement of the traffic and parking violation laws by Aayalolo.

However, the ban has been lifted after talks between both parties.

This means that if an unauthorised vehicle uses the Aayalolo lanes along the Accra CMB-Amasaman corridor the driver will be punished.

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Meanwhile, the AMA and GAPTE say they will continue to carry out their public education concerning the “identification of exclusive infrastructure and installations meant for the Aayalolo bus services by motorists and the general public, rules of engagement pertaining to exclusive infrastructure and installations meant for the Aayalolo bus services, legal provisions under the Local Governance Act (Act 940) and the legislative Instrument 1961 of 2009 that empowers the assembly to regulate, manage and enforce traffic regulations in accordance with the relevant laws.”

The AMA is entreating all to adhere to this provision to enhance mobility within the city of Accra.