Gas stations across the country are planning to shutdown operation as Christmas looms.

The Ghana LPG Marketing Companies (LPGM) and its affiliates, according to the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, are planning to lay down their tools to register their protest over government’s decision to implement the cylinder recirculation policy.

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The policy was ordered following a series of gas and petrol station explosion that has claims many live in the last five years.

The Atomic Junction gas explosion in Accra triggered the President and his cabinet to order the National Petroleum Authority to implement the policy to avoid future gas explosions.

Vice President of LPGM, Mr. Gabby Kumi to the New Crusading Guide that although the LPG policy issues has been on the burner for sometime now the sector Ministry recently put in place an implementation committee to work on the policy.

According to him, the association pulled out of the committee’s deliberations, as they explained that their activities were inimical to their survival as an industry.

He accused government of bad faith after the implementation committee chairman by NPA boss, Hassan Tampuli, rejected their grivances.

Mr. Kumi noted that his group has written several letters to the Minister for Energy Mr. Boakye Agyarko, requesting a meeting but none of their letters has since been replied.Asked what the association intends to do next after the expiration of the ultimatum given the ministry he said, the group is considering all constitutional and legitimate means to press home their demands.

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