The independent liquidator responsible for liquidating assets of DKM Microfinance has been able to collate 63,000 claims from depositors.

The huge numbers have delayed the first creditors’ meeting, which should have happened after the official liquidator commences liquidation.

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In a statement released by the Registrar General’s Department, the balance sheet of DKM Microfinance currently reveals a liability of GHC21 million to its creditors, implying that the company does not have enough resources in its name to pay all depositors.

Efforts are however being made to ascertain the official list of creditors and also trace all property owned by DKM Microfinance.

DKM Microfinance was one of the rogue microfinance companies who squandered the deposits of their customers. DKM alone, reportedly owed about GHC70 million in unpaid deposits.