Public Relations Officer of the Cocoa Processing Company Ekow Rhule has debunked assertions that the  company has laid- off its workers because of an aggravating poor financial performance.

" I have heard people say it is because there's no cocoa bean. That's not true."

Clarifying the situation to Pulse Business Mr. Rhule maintained that the closure of the chocolate and confectionery producer, had nothing to do with supply of beans.

" We have had to shut down two of our cocoa plants for routine maintanance. In December we were supposed to go for our routine maintenance but  we had some contracts  that needed us to process some cocoa butter which should have concluded by the 31st of December, but we couldn't not finish so we had to continue".

According to him, this is the reason why the planned maintenance was postponed to now.

He added that no employee of the Cocoa Processing Company had been laid off.

Mr. Ekow Rhule again revealed that the maintenance that will not last more than one will not result in any lay- offs.

" Again, that's a misconception. No worker has been laid- off. What we have done is to excuse them until when the maintenance is over. We will not entertain leaves and things like that when we start, so we have asked those who are due for leave to take it at once."

There have also been speculations about a possible shortage in the supply of chocolate from the company, something Mr. Rhule refutes as well.

" This will not affect the supply and sale of chocolates in anyway. We have enough stock of  chocolates for the markets to last us the period of the maintenance", he assured.