Ghanas second karpowership which will add 225 megawatts to the national grid is 70 percent complete and will arrive in the country September, 2016.

But the African Center for Energy Policy is calling for the immediate suspension of second karpowership deal, citing consistent failure of Karpower to meet specific deadlines.

This comes after another failed timeline to bring in the power ship despite earlier assurances the second power ship will be delivered in January 2016.

The first karpowership arrived in the country last year.

"As per our contract, the second power-ship is to be delivered 365 days from the financial guarantee. So the financial guarantee was put in place during the second half of 2015," Executive Director for Business Development, Zeynep Harezi told Journalists at Tema.

“The second powership is 70% complete and it has an installed capacity of 240 MW with an extendable capacity of up to 480. We are going to be delivering the second powership in the beginning of the second half of 2016 in accordance with the stated contract obligations,” Harezi said in a separate a interview with Accra based Citi FM.