Has meQasa made owning property in Ghana easier or more expensive?

Finding the perfect apartment in Ghana especially Accra, is another story for another day. Through tech geniuses and the spirit of entrepreneurship, came meQasa. meQasa.com is an e-commerence platform dedicated to solving the challenges faced by Ghanaians on the real estate market. But they have been doubts as to how much of a blessing is meQasa. Has it made things easier or more expensive?




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Has meQasa made owing property in Ghana easier or more expensive? How I wish we had meQasa.com when I was searching for an apartment 4 years ago. As a national service personnel with a tight budget, finding my dream apartment was near impossible.

The search tired me out even before the prices knocked me out…lol. I decided to try online search to hasten the process, but even with online platforms such as OLX and Tonaton, I still had to deal with supposed agents. It was a very tiring situation   with me losing hope with every room I saw.

Finding the perfect place was very challenging as Photographs on the platform where not of the actual rooms, and you only got to find out after they had charged you a viewing fee aside their 10% commission. These agents are also not licensed with any union and it’s difficult to verify if you are being shown the right property or it’s a scam.

We have all heard of stories where these agents happened to rent out apartments to several people at the same time. Or swindled them of their money by taking them to their counterparts impersonating as home owners. Thankfully, I was spared this ordeal but I spent a lot of money even before I found a place. My expenses grew with each visit as I had to pay viewing fee to each agent which turned into a waste because the rooms were always different from pictures shown me. And they also didn’t have a lot of property for me to choose from, meaning I just had to contact new agents for more options.

Apart from dangers surrounding acquiring a rental space from these unidentified online agents, one may have to deal with troublesome home owners or landlord/landlady who may feel the need to misbehave, because the acquisition process wasn’t always legal binding with the absence of contracts.

So I was very excited when I heard about meQasa from a friend about a year ago. He had acquired a really nice place through a quick transaction in one of Accra’s prime locations.  This got me very interested because finding real estate in Accra is a tedious and draining process.

meQasa is a real estate marketplace founder by the entrepreneurial works of three young graduates from Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in 2003. Since their inception they have grown at a very impressive rate, to not only rub shoulders with their older counterparts. They have also gone ahead to acquire Jumia House Ghana, making them the largest online property platform in Ghana since last year.

Properties advertised on the site is a bit on the expensive side for the average Ghanaian. With a one bedroom furnished apartment at North Kaneshie being priced at 2,500.00 cedis per month. But as we say affordability is relative. I believe the focus should be on how much they have changed the market scene and the perks to bring along.

Not only have they set up a great websites with carefully managed content and over thousands of properties listings available. But they also put their tech background to use providing useful portals and search options on the website to make your visit more comfortable. They also provide genuine properties and go through various checks to verify authenticity.  They also verify their agents. You do not need to pay more to view different rooms.  All transactions with meQasa is legally binding, this is to ensure that concerns from any party involved is addressed appropriately. With meQasa, I believe a revolutionary in the real estate market place is just over the horizon.


meQasa has not only changed the real estate marketplace but they have set the pace. I believe in that they will soon incorporate more affordable properties in less popular areas to suit the pockets of the average Ghanaian and tape into those markets.

On this note I congratulate the meQasa team for a big work done and award them a whopping 7/10.


Kelvin Nyame, Rashid Seini and Kofi Amuasi.


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