Ghana is among countries with expensive call time and internet, according to the World Bank.

In a post on Facebook, Cassiel Ato Forso claimed that barring any last minute changes, the finance minister will announce on Monday increases in taxes on fuel ( the energy sector levies ESLA) and call time including data( communication service tax).

According to him, "the increase in fuel tax will result in a hike in the pump prices of fuel products including LPG and have a cascading effect on price of transportation, prices of goods and services, general cost of living, and eventually on general hardships in the country."

He added: "Again you will need to cough-up more money to continue talking to friends and loved ones. As for data charges they will hit the roof!"

He said Ghanaians should not expect any measures to alleviate the "hardships" in the country but rather brace-up for "untold hardships."

He vowed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs will oppose "these unfair increases" while calling on Ghanaians to reject these "unfair, draconian increases in taxes."