The newly appointed president of Africa Center in New York City Halima Aliko Dangote is set to meet the press online on Thursday.

This move forms part of the means for raising capital for the center.

According to a statement issued by the Dangote Foundation, there will be a series of fundraising events held in 2017. On the 23rd of March at the Eko Hotels & Suite Victoria Island in Nigeria, the Aliko Dangote Foundation will host one of the fundraising events.

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The Africa Center in New York City is a non-profit, multidisciplinary institution that provides a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa, and a platform for the most compelling content from the continent. The goal of the Africa Center is to help people understand and engage with contemporary Africa.

Highlighting the focus areas of the Centre’s programming, the statement explained that in the area of business.

The Center will help ease the cost of doing business in Africa, make hard-to-obtain data available and understandable, as well as facilitate peer-to-peer introductions. The institution will help potential partners find each other, and share best practices from the continent.

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The Center will focus its efforts on linking research capacity with change agents on the ground in Africa, building transcontinental teams to find policy solutions. They will also work to build a broader constituency for good policy through educational initiatives that aim to bring basic “Africa literacy” to a wide range of audiences.


The Art facility intends being the Museum for African Art, a home for exhibitions, performances and showings of visual, performing, and digital art from Africa.

The statement further explained that companies such as Dangote Group are at the forefront of redefining for the world what African business is and what Africans can accomplish.

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“Showcasing Africa in a new and positive light is what makes this project worthwhile and something that we can be proud to attach our name to – so long as we are on the Board and able to effectively influence what the Center does”.

The Centre aims at becoming a major rallying point on African issues globally.

President and CEO of the Dangote Group,Aliko Dangote and President of The Africa Centre, Halima Dangote, will host an online press conference on the forth coming activities on Thursday, March 23.