President  of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama has justified the tripartite hikes in prices of utilities, fuel and taxes,  saying he is not president to take popular decisions.Speaking  to the  press to mark the third anniversary of the president's government, government found it necessary to mop up the windfalls of petroleum prices after the drastic drop on the international market, in order to deal with the longstanding debt of the country's utility companies.

Assets of DKM Microfinance will be liquidated- Pres. Mahama

In a related development, President Mahama says he has instructed the BNI to locate and confiscate  the properties of CEO of DKM Microfinance company, Martin Delle until investors are refunded their money. This applies to other rogue microfinance companies like God is Love Fun Club and others who are operating illegally. The president disclosed the assets will be liquidated if need be, to defray the debts to the investors while he denied any links with DKM Microfinance.

On the currency market,  

Currency                 Buying                               Selling

Dollar                        3.78                                 3. 85 has dropped 2p from yesterday's.

Pound Sterling          5.51                                 5.52 dropped 1p from yesterday

Euro                         4.1                                    4.42

To updates from the stock exchange today, 

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated recorded a one Pesewa drop, closing at 21p for the day whereas UT Bank earned 1 Pesewa to close at 12p for the day.

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