Money sent home by Ghanaians abroad continued to post steady decline as slow growth in industrialised economies continues.

Bank of Ghana figures showed cash remittances from overseas Ghanaians dropped 16.9 percent to 1.92 billion dollars.

The remittance was mostly from the United States of America and Canada, United Kingdom, the European Union enclave, ECOWAS and other African countries.

The USA and Canada were the biggest senders, remitting about $1.1billion in 2015.

Second karpowership, 70% complete, to arrive September

Ghanas second karpowership which will add 225 megawatts to the national grid is 70 percent complete and will arrive in the country September, 2016.

The karpowership will increase to 450 megawatts Karpower's contribution to the national grid.

We go to the currency market now where

Currency                      Buying                         Selling

Dollar                            3.84                             4.14

Pound Sterling             5.43                              5.73

Euro                             4.20                             4.50

On how your stocks performed on the GSE Index today

Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd. were the biggest losers of the day, losing 3p to close at 1.93p.

There were no gainers for the day.