If someone had told Mr. Daniel Asiedu, some decades ago that he would grow up one day to head two prestigious banks in Ghana, he wouldn’t have believed it.

All little Daniel Asiedu saw himself becoming,  was a carpenter. That was what was within his reach, even though he was one of the most brilliant young boys in school.

Who could blame him? He was being raised by a single mother who was working hard to put food on the table, and meet her son’s educational needs. So if anyone had told him that he would get the chance to get a university education, get a degree in mechanical engineering, and later attend some of the best business schools in the world, he would have vehemently denied it.

“I quite remember, my mother always knew I could do more with my life, that I could succeed. So she kept encouraging me. I remember when I finished elementary school, I wanted to be a carpenter, but my mother of blessed memory encouraged me to continue my education."

The former Zenith Bank Managing Director was abandoned by his dad at an early age. So  he was left for his mum to single-handedly raise him.

They would later move to Nigeria for greener pastures, where Mr.Asiedu attended his secondary school and college, where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“After my Bachelors Degree, I worked for some time in about three different jobs, and then moved to Price Waterhouse Coopers.”

The experience at PWC, was enough to ignite a passion in Daniel Asiedu to pursue a career in accounting, so he acquired a professional accounting experience, which led him to charter as a professional accountant, going on to become an auditor, a consultant, and then managing director of a bank- Zenith Bank.

Mr. Asiedu has definitely risen to the status of an influential catalyst in Ghana’s banking sector.

His great success as the Managing Director of Zenith Bank set him on the path to a memorable journey in Ghana’s banking sector, but his appointment as MD of ADB seems to have cemented it, especially looking at the somewhat difficult time ADB was having.

For many people, he was the one competent enough to be chosen to lead the bank out of its difficulties.

Zenith bank has seen a 6000 percent growth over its ten-year operation in Ghana, and six of those ten years were under the leadership of Daniel Asiedu. It is the same feat that he is expected to chalk with ADB.

When asked what his secret was, Mr. Asiedu told Pulse.com.gh’s Emmanuel Quist, “One thing you can’t take away from me as an individual is my belief in God and my belief that the hand of God in the life of God and the life of an individual brings success."

One thing most people do not know about the chartered accountant, and Harvard educated banker is his strong belief in God and the fact that he is a minister of the gospel.

Apart from the belief in God however, Mr. Asiedu says he prioritized quality customers service delivery at Zenith Bank.

“Beyond the fact that the hand of God was strong in the dealings of the Bank, I try to make service the main product that we were selling at the bank. Banking is all about how you are able to serve your customers, and customers believed and trusted in the bank.”

It is the same mind-set and strategy that Mr. Asiedu brings to ADB, as he took over as MD.

Already the Bank, under his six-month leadership, has increased its service hours from  the previous 8:30 to 4pm to 8am to 5pm currently.

The Bank has also extended its Saturday banking services to 60 branches across the country, setting it apart from competitors.

With Mr. Asiedu’s background being  a lot more with universal banking, there are  some concerns that ADB’s emphasis on Agric would be sacrificed for universal banking service. But Mr.Asiedu assured all customers that the bank’s strategy is to satisfy both set of customers and deliver top- level quality under the two categories.

“No. Its not like there is a special emphasis on Universal banking, ADB is just trying to serve all parts of the economy, and providing all services that will lead to greater satisfaction of the banking community."

Mr Asiedu believes that ADB’s ability to serve both  gives the bank a competitive advantage over its counterparts on the market.

The ADB MD is optimistic that his darling Arsenal will win the English Premier League. And while he reserves a lot of commendations for Asene Wenger, he does not support his extremely patient and long-suffering nature.

“I take a lot from Asene Wenger’s leadership skill, like how well he develops young talents and moulds them into stars.  But I don’t like his extreme patience. There is no patience in the banking sector. Results need to be delivered on time.”

One other thing people do not know about Mr. Asiedu is he is the Assistant Chairman of the Presbytery of the Fountain Gate Chapel.

He is a married man with five children.