Indian entrepreneurs who deal in cow urine may just have gotten a boost to produce more as Prime Minister Narendra Modi  increases financial support to the sector.

The urine from India’s indigenous Bos Indicus cows  is considered sacred by Hindus.

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Bloomberg quotes Chief Coordinator of research organization in Nagpur at Go-Vigyan, Anusandhan Kendra, Sunil Masinghaka as saying that  “Around 30 remedies can be prepared at home with cow urine. The most difficult task is to collect cow urine because how do you know when an animal will actually do it?” said Vikash Chandra Gupta, who partnered with the cow shelter in Bulandshahar last year for starting his cow-urine business. “The attendants take clues from the animals’ movements and try to identify patterns in urination.”

The urine that reported to have a pungent smell is filtered and transformed to a powdery, solid or liquid concentrate form to used in the preparation of traditional remedies for a number of ailments.