Which smartphone has the best camera you know

A picture is really worth a thousand words. And with the help of the best smartphone camera, create a niche for yourself on social media. Become a star overnight with mind-blowing, eye-catching photos with these listed cameras.


Smartphone with the best camera





With the marketplace flood with the big tech industries as well as new startups, an endless list of options awaits us.

Aside from battery life, the camera is the most important feature people look out for in their smartphones. Social media has in no way helped curb this obsession with photography. With Facebook, Twitter and ultimately Instagram all craving our pretty selves in both still and motion pics, who are we to deny the world such beauty?


Things to look out for when purchasing your phone:

Autofocus, image-stabilization system and sensor size are some features which should interest you. Unless, of course, you are a pro then you should be considering the resolution.

Since we use our smartphones for everything, get yourself one with an equally good battery. A battery that lasts more than 10 hours on a charge is perfect for you.

Having an extra slot for a micro SD card is a plus. Other than that at least 32GB would work out just fine. But landing yourself 64GB is definitely a goldmine.

And don’t forget your front camera, what’s all the fuss for if our selfies don’t look great?


My list of smartphones with the best camera

  • Pixel 2 XL

Totally surprised me when the Pixel 2XL topped the list of best smartphone cameras in 2018. And google assistant is faster and more accurate than its comrade Siri. Activate it by giving the bottom of the phone a quick squeeze. It isn’t called smart for nothing, as it offers bokeh effect on not only its rear camera but its front camera too (amazing selfies ever). Have fun with its motion photos feature as it captures a few seconds of motion with each snap and plays it back with an amazing loop-like effect.

  • iPhone X

The flagship product of tech giant Apple has undoubtedly one of the best smartphone cameras. The iPhone X is your best choice if you are looking for instant edited/filter-like pictures. With an incredible OLED screen, apply portrait lighting effects to images shot by both the front and dual rear cameras.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+

At 6.7 ounces, it is quite heavier with the addition of a second rear-camera lens. It also allows for sharper images in poorly lit areas owing to the automatic adjustment of its aperture. Take amazing portraits with its 2x optical zoom. Check out the Super Slow-Mo feature which captures shots at 960 frames per second. Despite not producing brighter colors it has the best focus as compared to its comrades. At $840 it is worth every camera bit.

Check out these other smartphones with equally good cameras but a half the price (recommended for slaying on the budget)

  • Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

Going for a cool $309.99, this smartphone also takes great photographs. Capturing sharper and realistic images.

  • HTC U11

Perfect for taking those great photos in low light, try this amazing smartphone camera

  • Honor View 10

This product from Huawei produces detailed photos with near perfection colors.



Having an amazing camera is fabulous. But don’t get caught up in the pressure. Other low-cost phones (as mentioned above) can get you equally Instagram worthy photos. But if you can pamper yourself on your budget, then by all means, splurge on!

But first, let me know your best smartphone cameras out there.



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