Npontu Technologies hits a milestone, announces its presence and flagship products

Npontu provides a comprehensive solution for its clients, powered, by globally relevant technology, adapted to their unique needs.

Whether it’s an off the shelf application or one that is customised to suit your exact needs Npontu has a tailor-made package for you. Npontu has a product flagship which includes a Digital Messaging Application, a Revenue Collection Application, a Pensions Management Software, a Church Management System and  a School Management Software .

Our digital messaging application, DEYWURO which comes with both web and mobile portals, has the capacity to connect to billions of phones in seconds, so whether it’s a transactional message or simply for sensitization, we are the go to. DEYWURO also has a bulk email feature which is all for the client’s convenience. The icing on the cake is that DEYWURO has the capacity to do targeted ads and research using big data. The face of marketing and advertising has changed; different customers want to hear different things so instead of doing omnibus marketing and advertising, let us help you with predictive analysis, get to know who your customers really are, save cost, and reach them directly, using our effective algorithms put together with the client in mind. All this with a client facing portal which helps you monitor your service to get your money’s worth.

KARIBI, our revenue collection application has helped businesses gather millions of Cedis from clients through various payment mediums which includes cash, cheque and mobile payments. It helps you track your revenue collection in real time, deliver instant notifications to clients on actual balance and moneys received, monitor loan defaulters and customer complaints as well as monitor staff performance. All this is done in real time, and can be done paperless. The application has features which can be used for data analysis, and for review of staff performance, which feeds to into critical managerial decision making which can either make or unmake an organization.  The wonderful thing about KARIBI is that unlike all other revenue collection applications, it is a total ERP, and serves all the human resource management and finance needs of the client apart from its money collection aspect.

DUA PA, our pensions management system helps you manage the future of your Client. It is an entire ERP with pensions modules like parties, schemes, benefit processing, contributions, investments. Put together by industry experts, it has a robust reporting feature which ensures that you always exceed the expectation of the client and are in sync with regulating authorities.

With Ghana being a predominantly Christian nation, the church is not left out, thanks to our GENESIS Church Management application. A church need not worry about the figures when they have our application from recording of church attendance to remembering birthdays to tithe record, GENESIS does even more. With a front facing portal for church members, who can read the Pastor’s sermons, GENESIS creates a whole new world for the church. GENESIS is simple enough to use and comes as an ERP taking church administration to a whole new level.

NYIMDZIE, our school management system, takes off the stress of using multiple applications. We understand the need to be both business and tech savvy and this is what we offer to schools. With features such as managing inventory and procurement to automated student academic reports and promotions, there is a lot to expect from our application. We consider it the school administrator’s panacea.

It must be stressed that all Npontu Technologies’ applications function as an ERP, have payment platforms, are integrated with Messaging features and most importantly can be customized to suit a particular  client’s need. Not forgetting that we offer 24/7 support for ALL our clients

In line with our one-year anniversary, Npontu has an exclusive offer.  Npontu Technologies is opening its doors to all schools who wish to have its School management application NYIMDZIE. From now till the end of the year, any school can have this application set up for them and customized for their specific use.

For further enquiries you may visit our website, on Send us a mail at or call us on 0556541525 or 0243375520.


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