16-year-old beaten by mob in Dansoman as man accuses him of penis disappearance

A 16-year-old boy with special needs narrowly escaped death following a brutal assault by a mob in Dansoman, a suburb of Accra, after a man alleged that his penis had shrunk following contact with the youngster.

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The victim, identified as Bright Bosompem, was subjected to a vicious attack after being accused by a man of causing his penis to disappear during an encounter. The disturbing incident unfolded as a video surfaced showing Bright being mercilessly battered with bricks and wooden planks by a group of individuals. Reports indicate that the assault was triggered by the baseless accusation leveled against Bright by one of the assailants.

Bright, who now faces severe health complications as a result of the assault, has been left with blood clots in his brain, as well as fractures to his teeth and bones, GhOne reports. With little to no financial resources available for his medical care, Bright's future hangs in the balance as he fights to recover from the traumatic ordeal.

The incident has sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters, with calls for swift justice for Bright and accountability for those responsible for the heinous act. Authorities have launched an investigation into the assault, vowing to bring the perpetrators to justice and ensure that such barbaric acts are not tolerated in society.


As Bright continues his struggle for survival, the harrowing incident mirrors the dangers of mob violence and the importance of fostering a culture of tolerance, understanding, and empathy in our communities.

Claims of genital disappearance have been circulating for the past few weeks, resulting in mob attacks over unsubstantiated accusations.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service has arrested several people who are facing trial for raising false alarms that resulted in the assault of innocent people. So far, there is no proof of anyone’s penis disappearance.


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