80-year-old woman says she’s still a virgin because husband refused to have sex – (video)

Sexual intercourse, they say is an exclusive preserve of married couples, which was probably one of the reasons a now-80-year-old woman got married, but, interestingly, she remains a virgin.

80-year-old woman says she’s still a virgin because husband refused to have sex

According to Annonciata MUKARUKAKA, her husband refused to have sex with her although they shared the same bed. Instead, he resorted to sleeping with multiple other women outside.

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, she disclosed that she lost her mother at the age of four and had to stay with her stepmother who didn’t treat her kindly.

She added that when she became of age, she fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo hoping to have a better life there but that was never to be.

By the time she returned to her home country, her family who had searched for her for years and had given up on finding her, declared her dead.


When she returned, they feared she might be a ghost, and family and friends were scared of getting close to her. They however gave her some herbal medicine to drink to prevent her from harming them if she was indeed a ghost.

Even after accepting her into the family, almost everyone deserted her and she lived a solitary life for so long that she at appoint decided to accept it as her fate.

She then found a man to whom she got married hoping to make a family. However, interestingly, although they shared the same bed, the man chose not to have sex with her for reasons known to him only.

At age eighty, Annonciata says she remains a virgin and has no children or a life partner. She is getting weaker and needs the company of relatives or children who would be taking care of certain things for her, but she has none.


She lamented the deplorable state of the house she lives in fearing it might collapse on her some day. She further bemoaned how fending for herself has also become a problem.


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