9-year-old boy brutally wounded as teacher flogs him 107 times while he's pinned down (photos)

The police in Kenya’s Nyamira county has launched an investigation into the flogging of a 9-year-old primary school pupil by his teacher, which left him brutally injured.

9-year-old pupil brutally wounded as teacher flogs him 107 times while he's pinned down

A News outlet, Nation Kenya identified the victim as Titus Ondari Omwenga who is said to be schooling at Riang’ombe Primary School.

It is reported that the little boy’s injuries sustained from last Sunday’s assault were so severe that his teachers conspired to cover up the incident by keeping him in the dorm and denying him medical attention.

According to the victim’s uncle, the offence for which the teacher lashed him 107 times was that he reported the theft of his clothes from the residential dormitory. He had washed his clothes and left them to dry, but could not find them.


I received a telephone call yesterday after work. At around 7 pm, my brother informed me from Nairobi that he had information that his son had been injured in school and asked me to go and verify the report,” he said.

The teacher to whom the little boy reported the theft of his clothes bizarrely asked other students to arrest and pin him down while he unleashed 107 strokes of canes on his buttocks.

The victim’s father filed a complaint with the police and he was referred to Nyamira County Referral Hospital where doctors confirmed that he had severe injuries on his buttocks.


“We took the boy to Nyamira hospital and after we undressed him, we noticed the injuries were very severe to an extent that a huge tissue had been cut out of his buttocks as a result of the injuries,” the victim’s uncle is quoted to have said.

It is reported that the incident has got many Kenyans angry and some social media users under the hashtag Justice for Grade 4 Pupil have demanded the arrest and prosecution of the teacher.

Corporal punishment is prohibited in Kenyan educational settings.


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